Awesome Eco-Friendly Kids Birthday Party Checklist

It can seem challenging to plan a kids party that is also eco friendly, because there are so many things to consider. From eco-friendly party decorations to eco-friendly party bags, it sometimes feels like you need to worry about plastic and animal-products at every turn. It’s more important now than ever to be environmentally conscious, and to practice sustainable living - luckily, it’s easier than ever too. 

At PLAYinCHOC, we know all about how hard it can be to make safe and healthy choices. After all, that’s how we first came to be - when our founder, Maya, wanted a chocolate that could be enjoyed by the entire family, without being unhealthy and without harming the environment.

Our core values can be summarised in 3 words: JOY, HEALTH and PLANET. After reading this article, we’re confident that your eco-friendly party will embody all of these qualities, and more. 

Eco Friendly Party 

What is an eco friendly party? Well, it’s a party that prioritises sustainability. This means that there is little to no waste - any wrapping, decorations or treats are biodegradable and recyclable. It also means that any food is fairly sourced, and as unprocessed as possible. 

While this is all important, being eco friendly also shouldn’t be the defining feature of the day; it’s a party, and so should ultimately celebrate your kid. They need to enjoy themselves first and foremost, and so it’s up to you to plan an eco friendly event that they won’t forget. 

So, to plan and execute an eco friendly party, you will need:

  • Eco party invitations
  • Eco friendly party decorations
  • Healthy kids party food
  • Eco friendly party bags
  • Eco party bag fillers
  • Eco friendly gifts 

To gather these things, you’ll need to brainstorm ideas for children’s parties, and then source biodegradable party supplies in the UK. 

Eco Party Invitations

Kids party invitations are a great way to find out how many guests to expect. This makes it much easier to buy kids party decorations and kids party prizes, because you’ll know how much you need to buy. 

An eco party invitation is biodegradable - which means that when it’s inevitably thrown away, you don’t need to worry about it not being recycled. Some of our favourite options include:

  • 100% Post-Consumer Invitations: This means that they are made from recycled material, and so nothing is wasted. If you’re sending out-of-the-box invitations, rather than traditional written invitations, then this is definitely a material to consider.
  • Plantable Invitations: Printing your kids party invitation on seed paper means that it can, if properly planted and watered, turn into a lovely flower or herb. This is a lovely touch. 
  • Bamboo Invitations: Bamboo is a great substitute for paper, because the plant grows really quickly and so can never really run out. It’s also biodegradable, which makes it a really sustainable option.

Eco Friendly Party Decorations

Balloons, banners and glitter are all fun additions to kids parties, and make for a great-looking room, but they don’t create an eco kids party. In fact, it’s the opposite: these are all things that are made from plastics and microplastics. With this in mind, you might want to look for eco friendly party decorations. These offer all of the fun and the style, without any of the harmful impact. 

Some popular eco decorations include:

  • Natural latex balloons
  • Biodegradable confetti
  • Biodegradable glitter
  • PVC-free banners

Healthy Kids Party Food

Having an eco-friendly kids birthday party doesn’t mean that you need to have boring food. Healthy party food can be just as tasty and enjoyable- which means that you can have your cake, and eat it too. The trick is to look for foods that are organic, unprocessed, ethically sourced, low sugar, nut free or gluten free. If you’re already used to reading labels and looking for green ticks, this part will be a breeze.

Some of our favourite kids party food are as follows: 

  • Chocolate - and we may be slightly biased, but we would definitely recommend our JustChoc Box Organic Peruvian Cacao M-lk Chocolate. It’s so rich and creamy, it’s hard to believe that it’s (almost) good for you!
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Breadsticks and dips
  • Cake

There are eco alternatives to all of the party-staples - and they’re easier to find and buy than ever before. After all, it’s 2021: 41% of people think that eco-friendly and sustainable products are very important, and this number is rising every day. 

Eco Friendly Party Bags

Party bags are a must-have when kids are involved, whether you’re having a birthday party, Christmas party, Easter party or Halloween party. But before we even get into what goes inside of the bags, we need to talk about the bags themselves. If you want to hold an eco kids party, you can probably guess that plastic party bags are out of the question. Instead, why not consider paper bags, little hampers or even tote bags? 

Eco Party Bag Fillers

This is the fun part: deciding what eco party bag fillers you want to give away. Depending on your budget, you can be as simple or elaborate as your heart desires. Normally, you’d include a few small items, like a snack, a toy, a piece of stationary and so on. If the party has a theme, you should probably try and stick closely to it - superhero fillers for a Marvel party or animal fillers for a puppy party. 

It can be difficult to know what to include, especially because so many people have allergies and intolerances. That’s where we come in; it’s never been easier to find eco party bag fillers for kids, because our kids party favours cover all of your bases. 

Each of our PLAYinCHOC boxes contains a collectible toy, chocolate and an interesting fact. Combining food and fun means you don’t need to worry about eco party bag ideas, because it’s all ready for you in a cute printed box. There’s different themes to choose from, so it doesn’t matter whether the party is for a dolphin loving boy or a dinosaur loving girl.

Eco Friendly Gifts 

If you’re planning the party, you probably already have a gift sorted. But if you need some inspiration, or if you’re already looking ahead to the next, then we want to give you some ideas.

Fun and ethical gifts don’t need to be boring. A PLAYinCHOC Family Bundle once again combines sweet treats and artistic animal toys. There are so many ethical retailers, both online and on the high-street, that sell sustainable products (we’re actually stocked in some too, so see if you can spot us on the shelves!). Finally, you can look to established organisations such as WWF, Unicef, English Heritage, Whitley Fund For Nature and the Natural History Museum. Donations, adoption packs and stuffed animals are all great gifts that support great causes. 

An Awesome Eco Friendly Kids Birthday Party With PLAYinCHOC

Let’s recap:

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Bags
  • Fillers
  • Gifts

If you can tick off all of these then congratulations - your eco friendly kids birthday party checklist is officially completed, and you have achieved new levels of awesome. 

An eco friendly party is great for you and your conscience, and great for the environment. And most importantly, the kids are guaranteed to have fun. With so many benefits, there’s never been a better time to put a sustainable spin on your next party.

For more tips, tricks and checklists, keep your eyes peeled on our blog. And to see exactly what PLAYinCHOC has to offer, check out our collections


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