Happy World Wildlife Day!

Happy World Wildlife Day; a time to celebrate all those millions of beasts, fish and creepers, from the biggest blue whale to the teeniest tardigrade and everything in-between. 

Have you ever thought about how many species of mammals, insects, sea creatures and plants there are? Scientists think there are at least 8.7 million different creatures, plus nearly 400,000 plant species! Wow!

Today in particular is dedicated to the need to reverse the loss of habitats and ecosystems to help save critically endangered species. At PLAYin CHOC, as well as making some of the world’s best-tasting chocolate (fact!) we aim to keep our planet alive and thriving for our children, which means using biodegradable, recycled and recyclable packaging and organic and ethical farming techniques. The aim is that nothing is to end up in landfills or in our precious oceans!

We also strongly believe that in order to save our planet, it’s crucial for the younger generation to learn about the natural world and what we can do to protect and preserve it for future generations. 

Shop our ToyChoc Boxes and learn about Endangered animals, Woodland animals and Dinos, as each box comes with a fun multiple facts card. For example, did you know that a fox lives on every continent except Antarctica? 



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