World Giraffe Day

Join the Fun at the Annual World Giraffe Day!

World giraffe day - endangered animals


The Global Conservation Foundation (GCF) initiated World Giraffe Day to celebrate the tallest animal on the longest day or night of the year (depending on your hemisphere). This exciting event takes place every year on June 21st.

This special day is not only a global celebration of these magnificent creatures, but also an opportunity to raise awareness and support for the challenges they face in their natural habitat. By participating in WGD, you can directly contribute to the conservation of giraffes in Africa. With only around 117,000 giraffes remaining in the wild, the time to act is now!

Endangered Animals

Endangered animals are those species that are at risk of extinction due to various factors such as habitat loss, poaching, and climate change. There are numerous animals on the endangered species list, including the giant panda, the black rhinoceros, and the mountain gorilla. The loss of these species would have a significant impact on the ecosystems they inhabit and the world as a whole. It is important that we take action to protect these animals, through measures such as conservation efforts, education, and reducing our carbon footprint. By doing so, we can ensure that these magnificent creatures continue to thrive for generations to come.

Why Are Giraffes Endangered?

Giraffe populations have declined nearly 40% in the past three decades because of habitat loss, civil unrest, poaching and human-caused habitat changes.

Giraffes face mounting threats from habitat loss and fragmentation: Growing human populations and urban development — and the accompanying increase in agriculture, mines, and other extractive industries — are destroying giraffes' homes and converting their habitat for human use.

Endangered Animals Collection

At PLAYin CHOC we feel passionate about endangered animals. That is why we created a the ToyChoc Box® Endangered Animals collection. Containing two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic, dairy-free chocolates, a 3D cardboard puzzle toy to assemble and a fun facts card. 

There are 18 to collect, stencils to use after assembling your toy, plus each one comes with its own educational fun facts card. Go wild!

Celebrating and Raising awareness this World Giraffe Day:

This year you can receive a free PLAYinCHOC Giraffe with EVERY purchase from the WWF shop. WWF work with only the most sustainable and planet-conscious suppliers and bring together a beautiful range of homewares and gifts for adults & kids. Shop with WWF today and support their vital work in bringing our world back to life. No minimum order amount necessary – T&C's Apply


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