Our Unique Approach to Ethical and Sustainable Chocolate and Toys

At PLAYin CHOC®, we are proud of the quality of our products and their positive impact on the world. We strive to create delicious and healthy chocolate treats that can be enjoyed by everyone, and are committed to eliminating single-use plastic and packaging.

Our founder, Maya Simler, created PLAYin CHOC® based on her desire to provide a healthier chocolate treat for her children, who have lactose intolerance, and to address the issue of excessive plastic waste.

We believe in educating the next generation about our planet's biodiversity, which is why our ToyChoc Box® range includes educational fun facts cards about each animal that promotes awareness, conversation, and action.

Allergy Free Chocolate

Our chocolate recipe is vegan, free from the 14 main allergens (including dairy, nut, soy, and gluten), and made from just three natural and organic plants: cacao from small family-owned farm collectives in Peru, Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, and vitamin-rich Indonesian and Sri Lankan coconut. These ingredients are certified organic by the Soil Association, which helps reduce pollution and soil erosion, eliminates the use of pesticides, and provides better wages for farmers.

UK Manufactured Chocolate

Unlike other chocolate brands, we manufacture our chocolate in our own Salsa-certified artisan facility in the UK and do not use couverture. Our cacao beans are gently roasted to release their full flavour and then combined with creamed coconut and coconut sugar, as well as Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. The liquid chocolate is then poured into 10g moulds and set before being wrapped and packed into individual boxes.

Our ToyChoc Box® is organic, vegan, dairy-free, and 14-allergen free, and we are proud to have eliminated plastic from our packaging.

Chocolate Comparison Sheet

Chocolate comparison sheet | PLAYin Choc

Here are some ways in which our PLAYin Choc® ToyChoc Box® compares to other chocolate and toy companies.

Our PLAYin CHOC® ToyChoc Box® are:⁠ ⁠  

  • Organic⁠  
  • Vegan⁠  
  • Dairy free 
  • 14 Allergen free ⁠  
  • Plastic free⁠ ⁠

We believe that by making small changes in our daily lives, we can collectively make a big difference in the world. By choosing PLAYin CHOC®, you are not only treating yourself to a delicious chocolate experience but also supporting a sustainable and ethical business that is committed to making the world a better place.

Browse our website to explore our collection of chocolates for children and parents and indulge in our delicious treats while making a positive impact on the planet.

As an environmentally conscious company, we take pride in the quality of our products and the impact they have on the world. Here are some ways in which our PLAYin CHOC® ToyChoc Box® compares to other chocolate and toy companies.

PLAYin CHOC Awards

We are very proud of the recognition PLAYin CHOC has received. More on our blog...


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