Together We Are Strong

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements, capabilities and general jaw-dropping awesomeness of women. Whether they’re exploring space, making strides in science, giving birth, empowering others or creating incredible art, we’re giving sisters around the world a huge high-five! 

And it’s not as if we have to look far to find our very own inspiration. PLAYin CHOC founder Maya Simler set up the company after being shocked at the amount of plastic and sugary chocolate given away in goodie bags at childrens’ parties. Not only did she roll up her sleeves and perfect an incredible, three-plant chocolate recipe that has gone on to win 25 prestigious awards worldwide, but she also designed the super-stylish collectable toys and colourful packaging. All while keeping things as ethical as possible. 

Only a few short years later, the company is rapidly expanding, with a planet-friendly production chain and products that are stocked on shelves around the globe. Most importantly – children and adults in over thirty countries now have a fun, feel-good, incredible-tasting, affordable alternative to traditional chocolate-and-plastic-toy products.  

But there’s more lady love! Each month Maya interviews and elevates a woman whose story resonates with her, from author Polly Dunbar and activist Dr Mya-Rose Craig to entrepreneur and writer Courtney Adamo. Check out our blog for more woman-spiration! 

Who are you celebrating today? We’d love to know. Email us at or comment on our social media channels! 


PLAYin CHOC Awards

We are very proud of the recognition PLAYin CHOC has received. More on our blog...


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