Mother's Day Gift Guide

Saturday 27th of March is Mother’s Day; a time to honour mums, grandmas and the all-round positive influence of mothers on the world. Here’s our guide to the most welcome, ethical presents. It’s time to start browsing, or dropping hints! 

RHS Membership 

PLAYin CHOC is proud of our collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Whether your mother loves bountiful blooms, lush wildness or spiky cacti, there will be a garden near you she’ll love to explore. A gift membership includes free tickets, free, personalised RHS gardening advice, a monthly magazine and savings to RHS shows. Plus, if you buy a membership now, a £15 voucher to spend in an RHS garden centre; plants are so much happier living in a pot than cut and wrapped in cellophane. 

Apprenticeship to the Sacred Wild

Has your mother got a witchy, healing, magickal side? Give her the gift of knowledge with American writer Marysia Miernowska’s course in folk herbalism, plant shamanism and spiritual ecology, with a 10-month curriculum designed in synchronicity with the seasons and phases of the moon. Our founder Maya is taking the course, and is relishing every minute. Alternatively, Maryisia’s book, The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary, makes a beautiful gift. 

Frankincense Hydrating Cream 

Not only does this wonder-product keep your skin silky-soft and radiantly hydrated, but its scent is soothing and calming. Our founder Maya’s go-to skin saver, this will protect through the last cold winds of winter, and take your mother glowingly into spring. 

Bobo Choses Womenswear from Scout & Co

One of Maya’s favourite stores, Scout & Co not only stocks the most colourful, hard-wearing, ethical products for children, but has the most luscious gifts for grown-ups too. Check out their stash of Bobo Choses Woman clothes and accessories. We adore the zingy printed dresses and dungarees as well as the cheering multicoloured sandals; tell your mum to wear them with socks to brighten up the school run! 

JustChoc subscription

It’s no secret. Mums love our creamy, dreamy, award-winning chocolate. Each individually wrapped piece is an adult-friendly hit of deliciousness.  Every month subscribers receive two of our stylishly packaged, 10-piece JustChoc dark boxes and two of our 10-piece JustChoc m*lk boxes; that’s 40 pieces of intense and indulgent chocolate. That makes roughly one chocolate a day for mum, with – cough cough –about ten left over for her very generous and loving family members.


Peace With The Wild 

Turn mum’s shower into a tropical paradise with Bain & Savon’s botanical shampoo bar, Monoi de Tahiti. Peace With The Wild’s super-ethical cosmetics and bathroom goodies not only smell incredible and are super-effective, but minimise waste and help reduce plastic pollution. And you know how much we at PLAYin CHOC love that! 

Treat Coupons

No-waste, pocket-friendly and very, very much appreciated, treat coupons make the sweetest, most thoughtful gift-that-keeps-on-giving. Maya’s favourite ever gifts from her kids were little hand-made vouchers for breakfast in bed, hoovering the house, washing the car, making dinner and a massage. Adorable! Hand-drawn are lovely, but find inspiration (and free printables) here 


PLAYin CHOC Awards

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