International Chocolate Awards

PLAYin CHOC were thrilled to win A European Bronze Award for their JustChoc Peruvian Dark Chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards 2020.

 These awards which were founded in 2012 as an independent chocolate competition recognising the excellence in fine chocolate, and is the world’s only fully independent international fine chocolate competition. They aim to support companies producing fine chocolate, chocolatiers and small companies to grow and develop, and to put them in front of the consumer so they are recognised for their hard work and quality.

 The International Chocolate Awards also helps the fine chocolate industry grow and develop in established regions by identifying premium chocolate made with the best cacao, and to support cacao farmers to continue producing the world’s fine cacao and fine chocolate.



PLAYin CHOC Awards

We are very proud of the recognition PLAYin CHOC has received. More on our blog...


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