No Tricks, Just Treats 🍫

👻Have a Green Halloween👻

The spookiest season of the year can be an eco-nightmare. But it’s easy, more fun and a little more scare-some to make your night planet-friendly. Here are ten ideas to help you have an ethical fright night. 💀

🍫 Try planet-friendly alternatives for trick or treaters. PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes are perfect; not only do they contain tasty chocolate, but also an eco-friendly toy! Alternatively Ethical Kidz stock wooden stick-on bees, tiny ink pad stamps and wooden spinning tops. .

👻 Recycling junk into decorations is so satisfying (and helps bust half-term boredom). We love this screamingly simple ghost mobile made from eggshells , a Frankenstein’s monster made from an old bottle  and these terrifying spirits summoned up via the medium of old milk containers .

🍏 For an organic creepy activity, dry wormy or windfall apples and turn them into witches. The wizened fruits are a dead ringer for wrinkled faces. 🧙‍♀️ 

🕷️ Or find suitable twigs on a walk, take them home and make these sweet branch-and-twine spider webs. 🕸️

🍰 Easy, bake-free treats are perfect for families to cook together. Brit + Co have a spooky selection of recipes or try making traditional, chocolate-dipped apples (using PLAYin CHOC chocolate of course!)  

🎃 Carving pumpkins is a messy, fun tradition. But don’t waste the delicious pulp. Try making pumpkin hummus healthy pumpkin pancakes or have a pan of pumpkin soup  simmering on the stove to warm cold trick or treaters when they return from their adventures.

🎃 Don’t forget the pumpkin seeds! Dried and seasoned they make a tasty snack; the ideas accompaniment to a scary film.

🍎 Play Halloween themed games; bobbing for apples, murder in the dark or – our favourite – the Halloween feely box. 

🧟‍♀️  Swerve shop-bought costumes and sew or make your own from existing clothes. If you don’t have anything suitable in your wardrobe, ask friends and family or head to the charity shops to find something suitable. This bat costume uses old umbrellas as wings, while there are super-cute ideas for owl wings, sharks and animal ear headbands here and spiders and skeletons here The spooking power of the classic sheet ghost should never be under-estimated! 🤡

🦇 Night is falling earlier, but it’s still warm enough to get out and about. Go on a spooky dusk-time walk in your nearest nature reserve or park to spot spiders, bats and owls. Turn off your torches and listen out for creepy rustling, howls, or *things* moving in the undergrowth. 🦉

👹 Think planet-friendly when you decorate your house. Use yarn to make spider webs, bits of wood to create gravestones, and repurpose old toys and parts of dolls into mad scientist specimen jars. Find out how here





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