Bio-beurs Best Organic Product

PLAYin CHOC entered the Bio-beurs Award in the Netherlands for Best Organic Product, and were thrilled to win the title. The award is designed to spotlight new products so that all trade fair visitors at the show can immediately see which beautiful new products have been developed in the past year.

 The year we entered, the criteria for winning ‘Best Organic Product of 2020’ was two-fold. The first set of votes came from trade fair visitors as they were given a voting form on the first day to place in a ballot box. There was then an award ceremony at the end of the day, where the 5 brands who received the most votes were asked to do a pitch about the product and innovation. The audience and judging panel were also able to taste and judge the product during the presentation.

 During the presentation, the judging criteria looked for the opportunity in the market, sustainability in the production process and innovativeness. Given we are strong in all three areas, it was a great achievement to be the sole brand which won this tough award.


PLAYin CHOC Awards

We are very proud of the recognition PLAYin CHOC has received. More on our blog...


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