Eco-Friendly Parties

We’re ready for a summer of parties. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the end of term, or just having a get-together, PLAYin CHOC will make the day more fun, and help keep your festivities planet-friendly. Here are our top ten tips for making your big day sparkle. 

1. Love parties, hate waste? Hire cups, plates, bowls, linen and decorations from nonprofit organisation The Party Kit Network []. Their sets of colourful, planet-friendly reusables are lent by individuals, small businesses and community projects, and reduce both the carbon footprint of your party and the waste going to landfill. 

2. Hold your party outside. Not only are al fresco celebrations safer health-wise, there will also be less chance of breakages, fewer spills to clean up and less entertainment needed. Tree climbing, stone skimming and discos under the stars will keep everyone happy for hours. 

3. Ask friends to help; other mums, aunts or uncles are all usually happy to lend a hand to make an event go with a bang. Allocate tasks beforehand, and keep things super-simple; you might ask each person to run one game, make something to share, to be in charge of music or filling up drinks.

4. Or go really wild and have a bushcraft-themed party. Forest schools, community centres and dedicated survival skill companies can provide bespoke experiences depending on age and experience; perhaps you might try foraging, fire-lighting shelter-building or roasting marshmallows. 

5. Prepare your bigger games in advance. They can be super-simple – hide dried peas around your party area and give a prize for each one found – or more complex; create your own scavenger [] or treasure hunt []. 

6. Be ready to improvise games on the hoof. Make sure you have a source of music on hand – bring a phone ready to stream music and a Bluetooth speaker – and you’re all ready for an impromptu round of musical bumps or musical statues. If everyone’s tired, play Sleepy Lions; everyone lies on the ground and remains perfectly still. If you’re spotted moving, you’re out.

7. Try some arts and crafts. Large-scale creations are perfect for parties; make your own chalk graffiti wall, gather natural materials to make a big collage, or decorate brown paper-bag masks animal-style and hold a wild parade

8. Weather not playing ball? Embrace the rain. Make sure everyone comes dressed in old, waterproof clothes and splash in puddles. End the party with a riotous mud fight (you may have to prepare your apologies to party goers’ parents). 

9. Plan ahead for allergies; never assume that everyone is reaction-free. Have nut-, gluten- and dairy-free alternatives on hand. PLAYin CHOC chocolate is free from common allergens; one less thing to stress over! 

10. Give thoughtful party favours that will put a wide smile on your guests’ faces. Ditch the plastic bags full of single-use toys and sugary treats for PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc boxes

Each eco-friendly box combines four elements to work as an all-in-one present. 

The toy is fun, the chocolate outrageously delicious, the stencil encourages creativity, and there’s even an element of learning; each box contains an eye-popping facts card about endangered species, woodland animals, rabbits or dinosaurs!


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