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    1. Copyright Notice

    © Playin Choc Ltd, All Rights Reserved.The content of this website is protected by the copyright laws of England and Wales and by international laws and conventions.  No content from this website may be copied, reproduced or revised without the prior written consent of Playin Choc Ltd.  Copies of content may be saved and/or printed for personal use only

    2. Registered Trade Mark Notice

    PLAYin Choc ® is a registered trade mark of Playin Choc Ltd under registration number UK00003202000 in Classes 16, 28, 30

    3. Trade Mark Application Notice

    PLAYin Choc ® is the subject of international trade mark registration applications by Playin Choc Ltd.

    4. Registered Design Notice

    Playin Choc Ltd has registered PLAYin Choc ® packaging in Class 09, Subclass 03 as registered designs in the UK under numbers: 6016896, 6016895, 6016894 

    Playin Choc Ltd has registered designs (series 1 endangered animals) in the UK under numbers 6008792, 6008791, 6008800, 6008799, 6008798, 6008797, 6008796, 6008795, 6008794, 6008793, 6008788, 6008781, 6008782, 6008783, 6008784, 6008785, 6008786, 6008787, 6008789, 6008790, 6028113, 6028114

    5. Registered Design Application Notice

    Playin Choc Ltd registered designs are the subject of international registration applications by Playin Choc Ltd.

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