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Did you know?


The reindeer is a species of deer also known as the caribou in North America.


Native to Northern Europe, Siberia and North America.


Our predators include brown bears, polar bears, wolves and humans.


Legend has it
that Santa Claus has flying reindeer that help him pull his sleigh through the night sky on Christmas Eve.


Christmas tree

Did you know?

The modern Christmas tree originated in Estonia, Latvia and Germany around 500 years ago.

Originally decorated with roses made of coloured paper, apples, wafers and tinsel, in later years candles were added and then later electric lights.

Christmas trees traditionally are erected on the first day of Advent or on Christmas Eve, depending on the customs of the country.

Christmas trees are usually evergreen conifers, spruce or pine.

The world
’s tallest cut Christmas tree was over 67 metres tall.



Gingerbread man




Did you know?



A Gingerbread man is made of gingerbread, which dates back to the 15th century.



Queen Elizabeth I of England was said to be the first to serve a gingerbread man to her guests.



The story of the Gingerbread Man first appeared in 1875 and are well known in Germany, Britain, Eastern Europe and the USA.








Did you know?



The snowman is said to originate from over 630 years ago.



The worlds largest snowman was 37 metres tall.



I am often made at Christmas time.






Did you know?


An Elf is a
mythical creature originating from German folklore.


Elves are said to have magical powers, and capable of helping people, most famously helping Santa prepare toys in his workshop in the North Pole all year round 
for delivery on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Did you know?

Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle and Father Christmas
.He is a legendary figure in Western Christian culture said to bring presents to well-behaved children on Christmas Eve and the early morning of Christmas Day.

Santa is said to deliver his presents with the aid of his elves who make the presents in the North Pole 
and with help from his flying reindeer who pull his sleigh.

In North America children leave Santa a glass of milk and plate of cookies.
In Britain and Australia he is sometimes left a glass of sherry and a mince pie.
In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, children can leave him rice porridge with cinnamon sugar.

Children sometimes also leave a carrot for Santa’s reindeer.
Santa is often said to laugh “Ho, ho, ho”


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