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I have always been a chocolate lover

05 Jul

Meaning that not only have I been long-aware of the benefits, I have also been aware of what is inside the average supermarket chocolate bars.
As a mother of young children, I found myself determined to create a delicious recipe for chocolate that didn’t have those nasty ingredients.
Days spent experimenting in my kitchen with some of the finest natural and organic ingredients, allowed me to create a recipe for deliciously creamy chocolate made without refined sugar and avoiding common allergens including dairy, nuts, gluten and soy.
Each of our ToyChoc Boxes contains two, bite-sized pieces of our scrumptious chocolate, while our JustChoc Boxes are available as either a five or ten-piece set for the perfect guilt-free indulgence.
But for me, PLAYin CHOC is about more than just a healthier alternative to chocolate. I wanted to create something that could inspire young children and encourage them to learn about the Earth and environment in a fun and creative way.
Within each ToyChoc is an eco-friendly toy animal that your children can build, play and explore with. There are 66 to collect as part of a collectable series, such as Dinosaurs or Endangered Animals and comes with its own educational fact card full of information!
It has always been important to me that I leave the world in a better way than I found it, or at least that I try.
So, from where we source our organic ingredients to how we package our products we are always ethically mindful. In particular, our cacao is sourced from small family owned farm collectives in Peru to ensure that it is 100% slave free, child labour free and animal cruelty free.
Our toys are free from plastic, as is our packaging. In fact, each chocolate is wrapped in a plant based biodegradable film that you can compost at home!
Even our packing filler is made from non-GM maize starch and is dissolvable in water, home compostable and is 100% biodegradable.
There is so much more to PLAYin CHOC than meets the eye…
A special recipe…
Here in the UK, we’re enjoying the sunshine!
And with the sunshine comes a desire for ice cream.
One of my favourite things about our chocolate is how versatile it is. While of course, it’s delicious to eat straight from the box, it’s also delicious melted and drizzled over porridge, grated over ice cream, or…
As a healthier alternative to ice cream. Much-loved by my children, and me, I like to make frozen chocolate-covered bananas.

● 100g of JustChoc M•LK or Dark chocolate
● Bananas (as many as you would like)
How to make:
1. Place your JustChoc pieces in a bowl and melt the chocolate. You can either do this in the microwave or by placing a glass bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.
2. Once the chocolate has melted, place your peeled banana onto a skewer or long cocktail stick.
3. Coat the banana in the melted chocolate from all sides.
4. Place your bananas on a tray and place in the freezer for at least 45 minutes.
And voila, a delicious frozen, chocolate-covered treat!

Let’s talk about our cacao

16 Jun

At PLAYin CHOC, the quality and provenance of our products and ingredients is of paramount importance to us. For exceptional quality and taste we source all of our organic cacao from Peru where it is harvested by small family collectives. It certified 100% slave free, child labour free and animal labour free.
With 70% of the worlds cacao coming from West Africa where over 2 million children are exploited in the harvesting and production of cacao, it is important consumers hold brands to account who perpetuate this terrible injustice. Buy ethical.

Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Every day is Earth Day for us!

Keeping our planet alive and thriving for our children means learning about the natural world and what we can do to protect and preserve it for future generations.
For us, this means using bio-degradable, compostable, recycled and recyclable packaging as well as using organic and natural ingredients to protect our soil. It is also important we educate our children about the harmful effects of plastic waste on the natural world and how they too can help conserve our world for years to come.
Together we can play our part to make a positive impact on the future! 🌍


New JustChoc Boxes and one more award!

22 Nov

We are delighted to launch our multi award winning chocolate in new JustChoc Boxes in single origin organic Peruvian vegan M•lk and Dark flavours in all new packaging!
We have 5 piece and 10 piece boxes of both varieties. They look and taste amazing! Great for everyday gifting, if you can stop yourself from eating them first!


More great news is we are really honoured to be Food Matters Live Winners of Innovative Natural and Organic Product of the Year 2019!
20 industry judges decided the award which was presented at a ceremony at London’s Excel Centre in front of 500 guests.


New range of ToyChoc Boxes + 2 years of PLAYin CHOC!

14 Oct

We are so pleased to present to you our new range of PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box … its DiNOSAURS!!!

They look really amazing, very detailed and bit scary 🙂

We can’t wait for you to start playing with them!


























Check out our two years of PLAYin CHOC video ✨


New factory + New packaging + New award!

21 Sep

Its been a while since you heard from us…
but now we have lots of news!


We moved into our new large custom fitted factory in Uxbridge UK in August – opened by the Mayor & Mayoress of Uxbridge and our young ambassadors!
















We launched new packaging for our PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc boxes.




And we won our 8th industry Award!

Lunch! Innovation Challenge Silver Winner 2019



More awards + Things to come

16 Jul

The year is going so quickly so wanted to update what’s been happening with PLAYin CHOC.
In April we were nominated by the visitors of the Natural Products Europe Show as finalists for Best New Organic Product for our woodland animals. The second year running – last year it was our endangered animals.
In May we reached the shortlist of Junior Design Awards and Loved By Parents for 2 awards.
In June we won 2 International Chocolate Salon Awards – a silver for best vegan milk chocolate and a bronze for best vegan dark chocolate.

We also just finished a crowdcube fund raise – thank you so much to our wonderful 200 new investors! Your chocolate rewards will be going out to you very soon! 
This  week we are moving to larger permanent premises to enable us to produce more chocolate and toys!
We will fit out the premises to start production before end of July.
Then in September the busy season begins till the end of the year with tons of trade shows!
We hope to catch our breath on the way and wish you all a wonderful summer!
Maya x

Out and about with PLAYin CHOC

07 Dec

This last weekend we took PLAYin CHOC on the road to meet our customers face to face. We set up shop in a Steiner school fair in Kings Langley on Saturday and then on Sunday and Monday Babyccino’s SHOPUP in London.
We were delighted by the response. Children loved the chocolate – even those who don’t usually like chocolate – and they loved building their toy, learning about it and then using the bits the toy pops out of as a stencil to draw with afterwards.




Parents were busy buying lots of stocking filler and party favours or just treating their kids with a special little treat.
It was great to answer so many questions and explain to parents what PLAYin CHOC is and stands for – health, joy, planet.
The words “made from 100% recycled cardboard” and “individually wrapped in home compostable film” were uttered so many times they became something of a tongue twister!



People were so positive and simply just “got” PLAYin CHOC – which filled us with a great sense of joy – to know that so much time spent thinking, planning and in development has resulted in something people actually want and value.
A huge thank you to all our customers!
Maya x