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Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Every day is Earth Day for us!

Keeping our planet alive and thriving for our children means learning about the natural world and what we can do to protect and preserve it for future generations.
For us, this means using bio-degradable, compostable, recycled and recyclable packaging as well as using organic and natural ingredients to protect our soil. It is also important we educate our children about the harmful effects of plastic waste on the natural world and how they too can help conserve our world for years to come.
Together we can play our part to make a positive impact on the future! 🌍


Fun ToyChoc Box ‘lockdown’ tips

24 Mar

6 simple and fun activities you can do with PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes!


•Get creative with our puzzle toys and mat. 🏞
With all 18 sets we include a themed playmat. Let your little one build and explore the animals as they do role play with them.


•Guess the animal! 🦔
Ask a parent or older sibling to read out the fun facts card, and let the little ones guess the animal in excitement. If they guess it right, they get to keep the card. The person with the most cards wins.


•Stencil fun 🖍✏️
Did you know that once you pop out the puzzles, they become animal stencils? Get out your pencils, crayons and even glitter and glue as you create your own designs on paper or card.


•Building blocks 🔸🔹
Can you build a tall box tower, or perhaps you want to create your first initial by making shapes? Our plastic-free ToyChoc boxes are excellent for coordination and play – fully functional zero waste packaging.


•Go on a Treasure Hunt ✖️
Parents/guardians to create a treasure map of the house or garden, placing ToyChoc boxes in various locations. Let the children hunt for them, and when they find each box ask them to read out the fun facts card.


•PIC me! 🦖
We have created our own take on an old game using our dinosaur cards for two players. Each player has 9 cards and they have to compare who has the highest value for a chosen weight or length. For example, the player with the heaviest dinosaur wins that round – the player with all 18 cards wins the game!



A note about our packing filler

05 Dec
We wanted to address a question that we are constantly asked – What is the packing filler you use to protect the PLAYin CHOC products we receive? The answer is Ecoflo – a UK manufactured 100% plant starch filler which is made from non GM maize starch from totally renewable sources, is home compostable, dissolvable in water and fully biodegradable. It’s the perfect environmentally ethical filler to pack our products in to ensure they reach you in optimum condition.

Saying bye to 2018 and welcoming 2019!

01 Jan

What a year 2018 was!


We took PLAYin CHOC to many exhibitions and met so many lovely people! Thank you to everyone who supported us over this marathon year and to our fantastic stockists and customers in 20 countries!




We started 2018 with just 2 products – our collection of 18 endangered animal kids cubes, and our 10 piece box of chocolate only.

Over the year we added the rabbit collection of 4 designs, the woodland collection of 18 designs, the 5 piece chocolate only box, the Christmas collection of 6 designs and the advent calendar containing 24 designs (woodland and Christmas combined)


We supported charities including the wonderful event organised by WFN at The Natural History Museum with Sir David Attenborough! 



We were nominated for 6 industry awards including best new organic product of the year – winning 2 of them – a great taste award and a junior design award – thank you to everyone who voted for us!



In 2018 we also built our own little chocolate factory! It’s been a super busy and productive year!


We have a lot to look forward to in 2019 – new exhibitions to take PLAYin CHOC to, exciting new chocolate flavours and toy designs to be created and launched, and more passionate people to join our growing team.



We look forward to spreading joy to our customers and caring for the environment in the coming year! 


We are so grateful for your support! 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019!


Maya & PLAYin CHOC team xx

Our journey to use NO PLASTIC!

03 Mar
It is something I was determined was a must in order to create a truly Ethical brand! You would have thought it would be easy!
Decide you don’t want to use any plastic in your products and hey presto it can happen with ease.
We discovered it took 9 months to get there!
Our packaging and toys are made from recyclable and recycled card – that was relatively straightforward. We also made sure we used non plastic stickers so decided on recycled and recyclable stickers to seal our boxes. To wrap our mini chocolate bars – everyone told us it had to be in plastic – we disagreed. They told us compostable film would not be able to be flow wrapped (a way to seal food in a wrapper for maximum freshness) 
 So we researched and researched and finally found one or two companies that make compostable film that can be flow wrapped.
The problem was the temperature of the machinery would melt the delicate material or the material was too thick to go into it or our chocolate would be melted by the flow wrap machine!

Many more months of testing and research until we finally realised we would have to buy our own flow wrap machine and have it specifically calibrated to take compostable film made out of wood pulp and cellulose.
But first we had to check it could be Soil Association approved because our chocolate is Organic!
They had to be sure there was no risk of GMO contamination from genetically modified corn crops – and the company supplying the film confirmed there wasn’t – just wood pulp and plant based cellulose.
The film looks and feels like plastic and has the characteristics of air and water protection but will dissolve in the ground over 3 months with no harmful effects to the environment.
Here is a video showing how it happens:

We hope you agree it was worth it!

The film costs several times more than plastic but if everyone used it then it wouldn’t be!

Series 1

04 Oct



Playin Choc was born from my love of chocolate and need to create a great tasting dairy free recipe that my kids would also love. My youngest son Max is a great animal lover and very curious about all creatures in the natural world. This inspired me to create a series of educational toys based around endangered animals. Each toy is made from 100% recycled card board, printed with vegetable inks and is easily self assembled by kids aged 3 and over. What better way to learn about the natural world than through play and chocolate!?