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Fun ToyChoc Box ‘lockdown’ tips

24 Mar

6 simple and fun activities you can do with PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes!


•Get creative with our puzzle toys and mat. 🏞
With all 18 sets we include a themed playmat. Let your little one build and explore the animals as they do role play with them.


•Guess the animal! 🦔
Ask a parent or older sibling to read out the fun facts card, and let the little ones guess the animal in excitement. If they guess it right, they get to keep the card. The person with the most cards wins.


•Stencil fun 🖍✏️
Did you know that once you pop out the puzzles, they become animal stencils? Get out your pencils, crayons and even glitter and glue as you create your own designs on paper or card.


•Building blocks 🔸🔹
Can you build a tall box tower, or perhaps you want to create your first initial by making shapes? Our plastic-free ToyChoc boxes are excellent for coordination and play – fully functional zero waste packaging.


•Go on a Treasure Hunt ✖️
Parents/guardians to create a treasure map of the house or garden, placing ToyChoc boxes in various locations. Let the children hunt for them, and when they find each box ask them to read out the fun facts card.


•PIC me! 🦖
We have created our own take on an old game using our dinosaur cards for two players. Each player has 9 cards and they have to compare who has the highest value for a chosen weight or length. For example, the player with the heaviest dinosaur wins that round – the player with all 18 cards wins the game!



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